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    BÖHLER K107 is a 12% ledeburitic chromium steel and corresponds to material number 1.2436 (X210CrW12). Due to the higher tungsten content, BÖHLER K107 achieves a higher resistance to abrasive wear compared to the conventional tool steel 1.2080. Compared to modern cold work tool steels, BÖHLER K107 has the advantage of simple heat treatment with lower hardening temperatures and single tempering. However, this characteristic tempering behaviour limits the use of modern coatings..


    • Slijtageweerstand: goed

    Technische gegevens

    Drukvastheid Taaiheid Abrasieve slijtvastheid Adhesieve slijtvastheid

    Materiaal nummers

    1.2436 X210CrW12 ~ D6

    Standaards en Normen


    Chemische samenstelling

    Chemische samenstelling (gemiddeld %)
    2,10 0,25 0,40 11,50 0,70

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    Information on Stafstaal ) Presented data refer exclusivly to long products. Please observe the detailed explanations at the end of the data sheet (pdf).

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